What is Cyber Security?

To be 'cyber secure' means your computer systems, hardware, software and data are protected against the threat of unauthorised access.

Why Cyber X?

Cybercrime is a worldwide epidemic and is largely indiscriminate. If there is a weakness in a system, it can be exploited. We want to make sure it doesn't happen to you.  At Cyber X, we have developed a free assessment which will provide your business with a bespoke security solution, designed to reduce the risk of your information ending up in the wrong hands.

What’s required to protect your business against the threat of Cyber Attacks

In order to protect your business from potential cyber attacks, it's important to make cyber risk a business priority.

Our free assessment will produce a report outlining the best package for your business, advising you on the three key areas of cyber security: your people, your processes and your technology. Some of the key areas of the report are listed below:

  • Network Security  Protect your network from potential attacks by filtering out unauthorised access and any malicious content.
  • Education and Awareness Establish ongoing staff training and awareness programmes.
  • Malware Prevention Ensure your anti-malware defences are up to date.
  • Removeable Media Control eg: USB Sticks Ensure that all content on removable media is scanned for malware.
  • Ongoing Monitoring It's important to monitor all systems and networks on a regular basis.
  • Home and Mobile Working  Establish a mobile working policy and ensure that staff adhere to it.
  • Manage User Privileges  Limiting user privileges will reduce the risk of a network breach.

Free Cyber Assessment

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