It’s almost impossible to put a price on keeping your business secure. If your information ends up in the wrong hands, it’s not just the financial implications you need to consider, it’s also your reputation. At Cyber X we can put a price on keeping your business secure. And you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s not as much as some people may think.

How much do Cyber X products cost?

Our Cyber Security Bundle prices are based on a monthly subscription and start at just £250 per month. There are four bundles from which to choose, and our recommendation will be based on the answers provided in the free assessment.

Our Cyber Security Bundles

Cyber Assessment

Once you have completed our free, no obligation cyber assessment questionnaire, we can determine the level of cyber security your business requires.

Recommend Reporting

Results are presented in an easy-to-read dashboard interface, providing explanations and the appropriate services we would recommend for you.

All of our bundles include the following:

  • Cyber Essentials
  • Information Security Plan
  • Monthly Scan
  • Asset Register
  • Risk Register
  • Ongoing Customer Support
  • Awareness Communication

Additional elements for those companies considered a higher risk, and therefore requiring more advanced cyber security, include:

  • Phishing Security Test
  • Penetration Test
  • E-learning Cyber Security Awareness Course
  • E-learning Cyber Risk Management
  • Network Monitoring

Free Cyber Assessment

Fill in the questionnaire and we'll recommend the best Cyber Security Bundle for you.

Free Assessment