Our Penetration Test will use specialist tools and capabilities to act and behave in a similar manner to an aggressive or disruptive force, enabling us to assess your organisation's systems and areas of vulnerability.

What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration Testing (Pen Testing) is an authorised, simulated attack on a computer system, network or web application. The test is designed to find security weaknesses which could be exploited by an attacker. In simple terms, could someone bypass our security and if so, what can they access?

Why Penetration testing could be invaluable for you and your business

  • Test the effectiveness of your current network defence.
  • Use the results to improve security responses and ensure business continuity.
  • Assess the impact of any potentially successful attacks on your business.
  • Ensure any security weaknesses are sealed in order to make your systems more robust.
  • Fulfil your compliance needs.
  • Maintain the trust and loyalty of your customers and other key stakeholders.

Who benefits from Cyber X’s Penetration Testing service

  • Receive trusted advice.
  • Achieve compliance
  • Enhance business confidence
  • Measure security effectiveness
  • Identify real security improvements
  • Reduce management overheads

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